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AI Digital Assistant

Natural language digital assistant—powered by IDOL.


Visitors to your site can chat with an automated, human-like digital assistant. Natural-language dialogues are pulled from many different sources to provide highly matched answers to questions.

Question-Answer Bank

FAQs to the rescue.

Our technology incorporates existing question-answer banks such as FAQs to answer queries using natural language processing.


Use existing knowledge banks already in use for customer queries.


Fact Banks

Find specific facts faster.

Find data from specific fields within a structured database for faster answers to queries.

Speed search results within structured data.

Text Passage Extraction

Search documents when databases won’t do.

If your FAQ or fact databases don’t hold the answer, AI Digital Assistant searches documents to find segments that best answer a user’s query.

Expand searches beyond databases and FAQs.
Provide natural language answers in response to users’ queries.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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AI Digital Assistant

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