AppPulse Trace

Application Monitoring Software

Solve application performance problems at the transaction level to improve user experience.

Application Monitoring Software

Monitor web pages and distributed transaction performance through all server app tiers and understand the impact on user experience.


Find out where your app performance problem is. Isolate problems down to the specific line of code, SQL statement, Ajax request, or log message.

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Find app performance problems in minutes and provide this information to your dev teams to repair the problems and validate fixes for production.

End-to-end transaction tracing

Trace transactions across distributed application tiers to show end-to-end transaction flows. See code-level detail for every user interaction.

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Transaction log tracing

Capture log messages as they’re generated through all the application tiers along with the context of the transaction.

    Cut the complexity of isolating transaction performance

    Micro Focus AppPulse Trace gives you the visibility to find and fix problems right away. It allows you to isolate issues negatively impacting the user experience and drill down to the root cause so users stay happy and avoid revenue loss or brand damage.
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