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Increase business agility

Quickly add, replace, or modify services without disruption. Simplify data transformation with an easy-to-use GUI. Independently configure services dynamically.


Reduce operational costs

Leverage existing systems and middleware. Service-enable mission-critical systems without upfront costs. Minimize server and adapter requirements to support new message formats.



For unique application specifications that are not met by Artix's out-of-the-box platform support, Artix is easily extended through its patented plug-in architecture. The extensibility of Artix makes it possible to meet and future-proof even the most extreme requirements.


CORBA integration support

With the industry leading Orbix 6 runtime in the box, Artix provides a no-code CORBA to non-CORBA integration solution.


Improve IT performance

Support complex, heterogeneous environments without vendor lock-in. Streamline interactions by transforming data at endpoints. Remove centralized hub bottlenecks.


Leverage current middleware investments

Standards-based and distributed by nature, Artix leverages and modernizes current middleware investments to help the Global 2000 incrementally deploy a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that delivers products and services to customers faster and more efficiently.


Broad platform support

From mainframes to mobile devices, Artix runs natively inside a wide range of operating and application platforms. It bridges the protocols and data formats of diverse legacy systems.

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