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A full enterprise service bus for CORBA.


A flexible integration solution to build, deploy, and manage highly secure services in C++ or Java. Use as a fill enterprise service bus solution or to help modernize existing investments.

Peer-to-Peer Network

Smart networking.

Get a peer-to-peer network of smart, standards-based endpoints.

Performant and Versatile

Performant and versatile.

Scale Artix solutions

Scale Artix solutions to meet your IT requirements and business strategy.

Peer-to-Peer Network

Multi-Platform Support

CORBA in its core.

OpenText™ Artix uses the same core platform as OpenText™ Orbix for multi-platform support.


Connect diverse and lightweight endpoints without an expensive, cumbersome centralized server or vendor lock-in.

Plug-In Architecture

Insulated endpoints? No problem.

Configure insulated endpoints and easily extend through plug-in architecture

Dynamic and adaptable.

Artix endpoints are configurable and insulated from the rest of the network, so services can be extended, modified, and hot deployed without disrupting the rest of the enterprise.

Additional Features


Operate CORBA and non-CORBA technologies without modification or changes in functionality.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Develop low-risk, high-value service-oriented architecture projects with the Artix peer-to-peer network.

Configurable Endpoints

Configurable and insulated endpoints allow services to be extended and modified without disruption.

  • In our experience, Novell (now a part of OpenText) products have always delivered very high levels of reliability and scalability at an extremely competitive price.

    Aart Ven de Beek
    IT Manager


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