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ATAR Labs is now part of OpenText

ATAR Labs is now part of OpenText


Since 2017 ATAR Labs has helped security teams increase their efficiency in responding to cyber-attacks with its Security Orchestration Automation and Response platform. With scenario- and playbook-driven automation and strong orchestration capabilities, ATAR has provided a single pane of glass to security operations and improved the security teams' performance. ATAR has been trusted by enterprises including telecom, finance, and government institutions.

ATAR’s automation, orchestration and case management capabilities help Security Operations Center (SOC) teams to fill the gaps between process, people, and technology. It provides teams the agility and speed they need to run their daily security tasks. By automating repetitive security tasks and orchestrating the existing technologies and tools in SOCs, ATAR helps teams increase operational efficiency and decrease incident response times from days to minutes.

In July 2020 ATAR Labs was acquired by Micro Focus, and in January 2023, Micro Focus was acquired by OpenText. It now operates as a critical native capability within the OpenText Cybersecurity portfolio.

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