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ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack

Modern development environment for z/OS.

ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack
Remove friction between your traditional mainframe developers and modern developers. With OpenText™ ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, diverse teams can easily collaborate as an extended team without force to use one tool over another and efficiently adopt DevOps.

OpenText™ ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse

Modern tooling for modern developers.

Integrate into a flexible agile mainframe toolchain that removes deployment pipeline bottlenecks and develop modern mainframe applications faster.

 ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse
Full ChangeMan ZMF lifecycle support including Enterprise Release Option (ERO).
 ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse
Native Eclipse and integration into Enterprise Developer and IBM’s IDz.

ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse

OpenText™ ChangeMan ZDD

Integrate mainframe and distributed systems.

Give desktop programmers direct access to software assets residing on the mainframe without file transfers and allow freedom of tool choice.

Protects against lost code and overlays by eliminating mass file transfers.
The flexibility of Windows desktop aligned to mainframe governance.

ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse

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ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse

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If you think mainframe development is just ISPF—you'd be wrong!

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