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ChangeMan ZMF

Manage mission critical assets for z/OS.

ChangeMan ZMF
OpenText™ ChangeMan ZMF manages every code change and asset from development to delivery. It reduces maintenance costs and regression errors through an automated lifecycle with strict accountability and quality assurance at every stage.

Freedom of choice

Modern tooling for modern developers.

With an agnostic front-end and a vaulted backend, developers have freedom of choice for virtually any IDE, modern DevOps tools or simply TSO/ISPF.

Freedom of choice
Encourages developers to use tools they are most familiar with.
Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice improves collaboration and cross-team integration.

Freedom of choice

Change Packages

Manage complexities around governance.

Manage change and delivery of all assets throughout the development and release lifecycle whether software changes are in motion or already deployed.

Quickly push changes to any stage with ease and confidence.
Improves system integrity, while simplifying software audits.

Change Packages

GIT Connector

100% native GIT.

Seamlessly integrates with ChangeMan ZMF and enables GIT users to stay within a full GIT environment without needing to understand ChangeMan ZMF.

Ability to map Change Packages with GIT.
Ensures data integrity is 100% accurate and trusted.

GIT Connector

Additional Features


Interact with ChangeMan ZMF systems in a familiar ZOWE command line.

VS Code Plugin (ZMF Explorer)

Simple editing tool for non-traditional mainframe users.

Advanced Authentication Connector for z/OS

Multi-factor Authentication for all your IBM z/OS end points.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • Case Study

    Itaú Unibanco

    Gain new insights into the modernization journey at Itau. Explore why modern mainframe application delivery mattered to this global banking giant including the value of Eclipse based tooling, change management and DevOps practices.

    Itaú Unibanco


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