COBOL Analyzer


Web access to application intelligence

COBOL Analyzer provides a zero-footprint, web-based client enabling the developers to access application information from their web browser.

 Web-based client capabilities include:

  • Full repository browser (complete relationship mapping of objects in the code, fully searchable)
  • Impact analysis (backward and forward data flow analysis from a specific line of code)
  • Code search reports (running sets of code searches over sets of files, results are exportable to VC)
  • General usability (code colorization in the browser, multiple tabs etc.) 
  • Easy installation and setup
Impact analysis

The COBOL Analyzer solution identifies all code that is affected by the planned code change event. Developers and analysts can then easily investigate and take next steps to complete that code change activity.

Actionable insight

COBOL Analyzer provides developers the ability to continuously analyze their code before and after changes are made within their local environment and before committing those changes to the source control management stream.

Scalable application respository

COBOL Analyzer is built on an industry standard, relational database management system (RDBMS) for centralized storage of application information and artifacts. This analysis solution supports Microsoft SQL Server Express, Standard, Enterprise and Developer editions.

Application visualization

Intuitive, synchronized, and interactive visualizations ensure that management and analysts have needed application visibility and developers receive current code change updates on even the most complex applications. COBOL Analyzer visualizes how applications fit into the inventory, their dependencies and relationships as well as visibility to program structure with fast navigation to areas of interest. This tooling also shows the impact of application change within programs, data flows and source modules enabling earlier developer action.

Customizable code search

The COBOL Analyzer solution includes a pre-built query library including a set of common queries to locate points of interest within the application code. These queries are fully customizable and the results can be shared with application developers to improve visibility to code change. Built-in queries include coding standards, performance optimizations, and code migration issue related searches.

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