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Data Express


Automates data masking

Confronts the security and regulatory risks of using live data. Prevents customer sensitive data from being exposed to avoid breaching privacy rules.


Supports a diverse array of data types

Relational, hierarchical and sequential files can all be tested, ensuring test coverage across the environments that reflect the real-world application.


Unique class mechanism to mask database or column name

Related fields from diverse data sources can be associated to a common class, even if named differently, to give a more generic, productive, consistent, and safe approach to data masking.


Protect customer data

By masking sensitive information, test data retains its value for testing while keeping it safe from unauthorized use. By ensuring that referential integrity is preserved in the extracted data, the accuracy of test data sets is maintained.


Better test data management

Data Express provides a single repository of test data knowledge. It offers a wealth of management tools to ensure that test managers can control the repeated generation of test data.


Reduce storage costs

Data Express minimizes the consumption of bandwidth, processing, and storage, eliminating up to 90% of test data storage. This reduces the need for storage hardware and eases processing requirements while providing rich test data sets.


Improve data test efficiency

Data Express automates the generation of test data environments, so elapsed time is reduced by up to 80%. Testing personnel become available to address the testing queue.

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