Data Express

Automate Your Test Data Management

Test management tools for the entire test data lifecycle.


Micro Focus Data Express is designed to manage the test data environment: improving test results, lowering testing costs, securing customer data from loss or misuse, and enabling accelerated delivery and privacy compliance.

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Improve data test efficiency

Data Express automates the generation of test data environments, so elapsed time is reduced by up to 80%.

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Protect customer data

By masking sensitive information, test data retains its value for testing while keeping it safe from unauthorized use.

Better test data management

Data Express provides a single repository of test data knowledge. It offers a wealth of management tools to ensure that test managers can control the repeated generation of test data.

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Reduce storage costs

Data Express minimizes the consumption of bandwidth, processing, and storage, eliminating up to 90% of test data storage. This reduces the need for storage hardware and eases processing requirements while providing rich test data sets.

Using Data Express as key component of our training and testing environments has saved resources, made us fully compliant, increased our development productivity and reduced our storage requirements by 87%. The support we have received from Micro Focus has been excellent and we look forward to continued success.

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