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  • Access Data Protector Premium
    Access Data Protector Premium
    All features and functionality of Data Protector Premium are available for the 90-day trial duration.
  • Take Advantage of Advanced Reporting
    Take Advantage of Advanced Reporting
    Integrated reporting provides dashboards and detailed reports enabling at-a-glance status, backup optimization, and audit compliance.
  • No Capacity Limit
    No Capacity Limit
    During the trial period there are no capacity limits on the data and systems backed up.
  • Resource and Expert Access
    Resource and Expert Access
    Full access to the installation training video is available as well as access to technical experts during the period of the trial.
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What others are saying about Data Protector
    • Data Protector can be installed and run on Windows or Linux systems. The Data Protector GUI if required to be used should be installed on a Windows system.
      Basic minimum system requirements are listed below. The full system and installation requirements can be found in the documentation section of the latest version of Data Protector here.

      Management Server
      16GB RAM
      1.5GB free disk space + approx. 100 bytes for each backed up file

      Backup Client(Disk Agent):
      64MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
      20MB disk space
      Device server (Media Agent):
      64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
      20 MB disk space

      User Interface
      512 MB RAM
      150 MB disk space

      Guides and Help
      100 MB for guides in PDF format and the Help system

      These are the requirements for the components only. They do not include space allocation for the operating system, its paging file, and other applications.
    • How much does it cost?

      There is no cost for the 90-day free trial

      Are there capacity limits on what can be backed up during the trial?

      There are no capacity limits during the 90-day free trial

      Is any reporting capability available in the trial?

      Data Protector Premium has advanced reporting capabilities integrated into the product. Full use of all Data Protector Premium functionality is available, including all the reports, during the 90-day free trial period.

      Is this trial only for virtual environments?
      No, this is the full functionality of the Premium edition of Data Protector which will allow backups in virtual, physical and cloud environments.
      Does Data Protector and the Trial version run on and support Linux environments?

      Yes. Data Protector can be installed on Windows or Linux systems, although the GUI does require to run on a Windows server. Full installation instructions are available for both operating systems.

      Where can I find more detailed information on Data Protector and its functionality

      Product overview and full documentation can be found in the Practitioner Portal located here.

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