Conserve host resources
Conserve host resources

Redirect DMSII queries to a secondary database and free up your mainframe for more important work. Give business users real-time access to host data without breaking your IT budget.

Image: The non-relational DMSII database is replicated on a relational Windows, UNIX, or AIX database.

Eliminate uncertainty

Was a sound decision ever based on old information? Don’t sacrifice accuracy for economy. Replicate real-time data on your cloned database and eliminate the unpleasant surprises that result from outdated info.

Eliminate uncertainty
Deliver it in a flexible format
Deliver it in a flexible format

End users don’t want to rekey, reload, or reformat. They just want data for quick viewing and immediate use. So don’t tell them they can’t get it from DMSII. Deliver it on demand, in the format they need – the same way they get their other business information.

Insist on change data capture

Databridge uses CDC patterns to synchronize data. It reads the audit file and reflects changes instantly in the secondary database. In fact, it’s the only solution that replicates changed data in a Unisys MCP DMSII environment.

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Out of the box
Break down barriers with ETL

Databridge is an out-of-the-box solution that makes business information readily accessible for analysis and processing. It’s an Extract, Transform, Load solution that mirrors DMSII.

Get more done

Combine data from disparate sources. Integrate it into modern business-intelligence systems. Perform rend analysis. Evaluate key performance indicators. Spend less time working out DMSII kinks, so IT and business managers can both be more productive.

Beware the coding trap

Baby-boomer programmers are heading for the door, and they’re taking their mainframe coding skills with them. So if your data access approach requires coding expertise, you may be walking a lonely road. Luckily, Databridge modernizes processes and eliminates coding needs.

Databridge was a strategic investment that is enabling us to meet our long term objectives of improving efficiency and decreasing costs – by reducing our resource requirements and minimizing usage costs on the Unisys platform.

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Data Integration Techniques


ODBC Mainframe query Databridge
Flexible reporting formats
Real-time data
No mainframe coding skills required
Change-data capture
MIPS reduction
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