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Extract and transform MCP host data.


Extract and transform MCP host data with ease. Ready-to-use business data and up-to-date results that meet corporate decision-maker expectations.

Trend Analysis

Evaluate key performance indicators.

Integrate disparate data into business intelligence systems. Spend less time working out DMSII kinks to boost productivity.


Get more done, find more insights.


DMSII Redirects

Make data more out of the box accessible.

Databridge is an extract, transform, and load solution that mirrors DMSII. It works from the get-go to present data for analysis and processing.

Break down barriers with ETL.

Flexible Format Data

No need to rekey, reload, or reformat.

Present data for quick viewing and immediate use. Deliver it on demand, in the same way they get their other business information.

On demand delivery.

Data is available for immediate use.

Additional Features

DMSII Redirects

Keep the mainframe free from DMSII queries to focus on more important work.

Replicate Realtime Data

Replicate real-time data on your cloned database for fewer surprises from outdated info.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “Multithreading improvements gave us a dramatic performance enhancement.”
    Elizabeth Runkle,
    Technology Manager
    University of Washington


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