Desktop Containers


Get predictive application streaming at breakneck speeds

Run applications over the web or from a file share 5 to 20 times faster than other solutions with our predictive streaming technology.

Do away with application conflicts for premier application security

Desktop Containers makes it easy to run applications in a safe, isolated environment that is immune to conflicts with other applications.

Adopt containerized applications the smart way—go agentless

Easily adopt containerized applications into your existing IT environment without installing additional agents, device drivers or any server-side architecture.

Monitor and enforce application licensing

Using Desktop Containers Server you can easily make time-bombed applications available in a web portal and limit the number of users or devices that have access to the application.

Keep your workforce productive before, during, and after a migration

One of the key issues during any Windows migration is making sure your workforce has the applications they need throughout the migration. Containerizing your Windows applications keeps your workforce productive throughout the process.

Less work. Less wasted time. Faster application deployments.

Preparing software for deployment takes a lot of time and testing. Desktop Containers makes that process simpler and much faster. It slashes the costs, complexity, and time delays required for application compatibility testing and management.

Fully integrated with ZENworks Configuration Management

Because Desktop Containers is integrated with ZENworks Configuration Management, you can use one unified lifecycle management solution to manage all your physical and virtual applications.

Containerized applications made quick and easy

Use easy, step-by-step wizards to create containerized applications that run anywhere without a cumbersome agent/server architecture.

Safe, transparent, secure applications

Every containerized app is packaged with all the files, settings, runtimes, and components that your apps need to run immediately. Applications act just like they would if they were installed locally, but your operating system, registry, and run-time environments remain unchanged.

Integrated with Windows, .NET, and Java

You can turn your Windows, .NET, and Java-based applications into self-contained secure applications in minutes. This gives you pain-free deployment via the web, USB keys, or your desktop management infrastructure.

Make application access easier with the application web portal

Desktop Containers Server makes it easy to create a web portal where users can access their containerized applications without requiring an agent on the machine. Employees will always have access to the applications they need to be productive in any environment.

One file with everything you need to run applications

Package all your application files, settings, runtimes, and other components into a single executable that runs anywhere immediately. Applications act just as if they were installed locally, even though your OS, registry, and run-time environments don't change at all.

Complete control of applications from launch to expiration

Configure a containerized application to launch from portable media such as a USB drive and tell the application to automatically register itself with the host system. You can also control the number of days the application will run and set a specific date for its expiration.

Service, application connections, and control

Embed containerized database and web services into containerized application executables, enable applications to communicate, and gain fine-grained control over containerized resource sharing between multiple applications.

No need to access privileged system resources

Reduce Windows Vista UAC prompts and eliminate most Vista compatibility errors.

Desktop publishing

Use a simple tool to register a containerized application with the host and configure file associations and shortcuts.

One-click component configuration

Quickly add popular runtimes, components and viewers to containerized application executables. This includes support for .NET, Java, Shockwave, Flash, and SQL Server 2005 Express.

Native integration with Active Directory and NetIQ eDirectory

Desktop Containers Server makes it easy to connect to your Active Directory or NetIQ® eDirectory system and then quickly publish applications to the users and groups in the directory.

MSI setup package generation
Deploy containerized applications using MSI setup packages.
File system and registry virtualization

Protect the host OS and registry by simulating those subsystems in containerized applications.

Optional application compression

Accelerate deployment and reduce bandwidth by compressing containerized application files.

Independent patch deployment

Deploy patches for containerized applications independently of the application itself.

Support for ZENworks AXT-based applications and ZENworks Configuration Management

Make all your virtual and physical applications part of the same unified lifecycle management solution.

Migrating Windows has never been easier

Keeping your workforce productive—and your service desk above water—are some of the biggest challenges in any major OS migration. Desktop Containers makes your life easier by ensuring your workforce has complete access to their Windows applications before, during, and after a migration.

Keep your workforce productive before, during, and after

Your Windows migration will be simpler and faster because you can make all your applications run like executable files. This means no installations and no application conflicts. You can also stream your applications to any Windows machine with a convenient web portal.

Turbo for Desktop Containers add-on

This add-on features the hub subscription service with thousands of prebuilt containerized apps from Adobe, Google, Firefox, and other popular software vendors. Additionally, Turbo contains some highly requested features that improve app security and enable the use of legacy web apps.

Predictive application streaming delivers apps based on user behavior

Desktop Containers uses a sophisticated profiling algorithm where applications are modeled based on user behavior. This makes it possible to anticipate code requirements, which results in predictive streaming of application code based on a user's actual behavior.

What’s new in Desktop Containers 12

Book 3
Improved template library

The new and improved template library within MFDC Studio now provides access to a limited set of content. This content will help you quickly and easily build new applications based on the common software.

Container icon
Clean container packaging

Build applications faster and cleaner with new clean container packaging in MFDC Studio. Simply start the clean container, run your application installer, and then build and publish the application.

Out of the box
Simplified packaging

Container-based packaging simplifies packaging process for many applications

Screen code
New scripting capabilities

CLI and scripting capabilities to provide automation

Compass 1
Improved support

Enhanced support for containerizing server applications

Cool Solutions reporting

ZENworks Reporting entitlement allows use of Cool Solutions domain for reporting

Turbo Subscription Updates

Updated Turbo Studio

This feature has the same new capabilities as MFDC Studio template library but provides full access to the hub. You can now also manage IP Blocking for your applications from Turbo Studio.

Screen split
Portable executables

Package the turbo client into a standalone executable that can be run anywhere and synchronizes user changes and customization of the application back to your on-premises hub.

Storage gear
On-premises Turbo hub

Provides the ability to host your own images and store container sandboxes on-premises. This allows you to leverage all of the power of the Turbo client, without having to expose your applications or data to the cloud.


Micro Focus Altiris Microsoft LANDesk/VMware Citrix
Integrated into console and processes
Includes preconfigured applications
Zero-footprint architecture
Agentless architecture
No server required
Runs on locked-down kiosk PCs
USB portable mode
Tested and supported application list
Supports virtual services
Packaging ease of use—requires no special per-application install procedures
Virtualization and isolation per application
Supports isolated Office and .NET
Application streaming included
Integrates with ZENworks Configuration Management
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