Provide quality code with CodeReview

Uncover problems in code structure, design, complexity, and naming with CodeReview, so teams can monitor their own local practices and achieve design goals relative to object orientation, maintainability and readability of code. This leads to a reduction in common bug patterns.

Improve your performance analysis

DevPartner identifies the performance hot spots that consume processor capacity, to help software run as efficiently as possible.

Static source code analysis with ASP .NET security scanning

DevPartner CodeReview roots out code that violates best practices, whether Microsoft or other industry standards, or aligned with the development team’s self-determined best practice.

Error correction advice with code examples

With DevPartner's BoundsChecker, developers can quickly pinpoint specific runtime errors that result in unstable applications. BoundsChecker provides an explanation for the error and a suggested solution at code level.

Code coverage analysis with TrueCoverage

TrueCoverage automatically locates untested code in any Visual C++ or .Net software application or component.

Command line usage support

Include more automation in bug trapping through use of unit tests and integration servers configured with DevPartner command line utilities. Gain simple, flexible control of any scripted or commercial testing framework.

Correlated multi-tier analysis session results

Multi-tier applications share workload across many CPUs for high-end applications that reach multiple users at potentially distant endpoints. Pull together analysis session data to give a shared view of CPU consumption.

Customizable rules for individuals and teams

Architects and developers can design rules for their teams to follow with the CodeReview Rule Manager to improve consistency and deflect common anti-patterns.

Distributed application profiling

Use remote analysis when you have multiple tier applications, or need to collect data from a team server.

Line level CPU performance analysis

DevPartner's performance analysis shows the CPU usage of every line of code without modifying the source. This replaces the need to add loop timers to extract optimized algorithms in discrete locations.

Memory analysis

Achieve availability and stability of resources by finding the objects and allocations which accumulate memory.

Memory consumption—runtime visualization

For managed applications, get real-time insight into behavior around the run up of heap and any garbage collector activity.

Stability and volatility trending

Apply coverage analysis to unit testing for a deeper quantitative assessment of testing than unit testing alone. Uncover gaps earlier on during development to provide smooth application testing later on.

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