Get Code Right the First Time

Automatically detect and diagnose software defects.

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Provide quality code with CodeReview

Identify potential problems early to ensure code is maintainable and readable. The rules database identifies potential problems and reveals issues in code structure, design, complexity, and naming to improve the code quality.

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Detect errors with BoundsChecker

Find the root cause of many sources of application instability, including memory leaks and overlays, heap and stack corruption, overruns, and API misuse. Pinpoint specific runtime errors that cause unstable applications if undetected.

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Improve coverage analysis with TrueCoverage

Developers, testers, and build managers can quickly evaluate runtime application test coverage. Address testing gaps such as adding a test where lines of code are not executed.

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Prevent bottlenecks with TrueTime

TrueTime detects when code threads switch in and out of processing. TrueTime presents findings in the context of lines, methods, classes, and components to pinpoint the slow items in your application.

Case Studies

There have been several really difficult problems that we’ve found very quickly with DevPartner; it’s a critical piece of our quality control process.

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