Application Diagnostics Software

Quickly isolate and resolve development and production app performance issues by providing code-level visibility at the transaction level.


Collect performance metrics for application, transactions, user flow, infrastructure, code segments, and SQL statements.

Finger print

Identify performance and stability issues having the most business impact.

Screen code

Relate transaction performance issues with application components, infrastructure, code segments, and SQL statements.

Find and fix performance issues – fast

Business results are directly tied to application performance. But how do you quickly identify the root cause of performance issues in the face of overwhelming complexity?

Application Performance Management (APM) enables us to be aware of issues affecting applications prior to user impact. Many times we can utilize Micro Focus Diagnostics to get a 'canary in the coal mine' warning that something bad is developing. Our application enjoyed a 9 year high in terms of availability thanks to Micro Focus. 

Fortune 500 Insurance Company
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Wed Jan 22 16:58:54 PST 2020