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Enterprise Analyzer

Application intelligence and analysis tooling for better business decisions.

Application intelligence and analysis tooling for better business decisions.

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer tools improve team effectiveness. It accelerates projects to create better, modernized applications, by enabling better mainframe application understanding and core business system modernization.

More Effective Teams

For fully engaged new joiners.

Easy to use, Analyzer enables team members of all skill levels to become instant experts, code ninjas who make changes with confidence and support effectiveness.

proof point

Employees can now achieve a faster time to value and full effectiveness.

proof point

Everything’s easier when a solution is this intuitive and simple to grasp.

For fully engaged new joiners.

Enterprise Level Scalability

Application analysis at the scale of your business.

Manage complex application portfolios that include hundreds of millions of lines of code.

Understand application structure regardless of size.

Integrated security scanning.

Create Reusable Components

Who needs bad code?

Accelerate your modernization projects. Eliminate low-quality and redundant code as a business imperative. Analyzer helps isolate logic into and re-architect systems

Your applications. Just better and delivered faster.

Enable and manage complex portfolios for enterprise-level scalability.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


cost saving in modernization projects


of applications were identified by one customer as inactive and ready to be retired


of code base can be reduced by identifying unreferred and dead code


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Enterprise Analyzer

Get started today.

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