Enterprise Analyzer

Welcome to the Enterprise Analyzer try now page

Enterprise Analyzer is part of the Enterprise Product Suite which is the market leading solution for core business system modernization of mainframe applications. With Enterprise Analyzer you can:

  • Gain earlier insight to application code changes
  • Separate business logic into reusable components
  • Restore knowledge and subject matter expertise
  • Visualize application relationships, analyze data flows, and create documentation

Select from an full product evaluation to a free 30 day cloud trials by following the steps below

For Azure

  1. Register for your Cloud Enterprise Analyzer Trial license
  2. Publish the Enterprise Analyzer image within your Microsoft Azure Account. If you do not have a Microsoft Azure Cloud trial, you’ll need to register for free Azure credit. Visit the Microsoft Azure website to get started.
  3. Go to the Azure Market place listing for Enterprise Analyzer, create the Azure instance and then apply the Enterprise Analyzer cloud trial license delivered to your inbox.

Enterprise Analyzer step by step trial walkthrough instructions can be found here.

The Enterprise Analyzer cloud trial provides a preset application environment which includes tools, samples and tutorials. This cloud-based trial will not support the loading of new application code or artifacts.


  1. Request a full Product Evaluation
    • You will be contacted by a Micro Focus representative to set up your trial.
  2. Download the Enterprise Software and install.
  3. Apply the Enterprise Analyzer evaluation license.

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