Enterprise Content Management

Automate secure content and records management, from creation to disposal, to regain control of your assets and mitigate risk.

Time forward

Improve the efficiency of staff and systems. Automatic classification, folder creation, policy application, and advanced disposal processing reduces errors and manual tasks.

Cloud gear
Collaboration and cloud

Integration with Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint enables the transparent and compliant management of critical content and records without negatively impacting the collaborative or cloud experience.

Lock key

Extensive security and access controls improve privacy for managed content while simplifying the defensible disposal (according to policy) of content that has expired or has no residual value.

Data governance

Pre-packaged government, life sciences, and financial services policies lower retention management cost and complexity. Policy automation across multiple jurisdictions simplifies compliance with regulatory mandates such as privacy, freedom of information, FRCP, or DoD5015.2.

Foot print
Zero footprint

Functionally rich, zero footprint web client reduces IT resources and cost to implement, while improving authorized real-time access to business content, contacts, and workflows in the field across a range of devices.

Map 2
Geographical data

Geo-location functionality and search integration with Google Maps simplifies asset management by aligning content, contacts, geographical data, and policy in one application.

Rich Interface for Records Coordinators

Cutting costs via data integrity

Read how Content Manager helped RBF Tasmania halve data migration time, shrink annual operating costs by $400,000, and reduce risks.


Manage your content from creation to disposal

See for yourself how Content Manager can help you address compliance, productivity, and information privacy using automatic classification, policy with linked security control, manage-in-place functionality, and feature-rich mobile access.

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