Enterprise Developer


Modern integrated development environment

Improves developer efficiency through the use of the latest IDE technology and Windows operating platform.

Easy customization

Enables fast and easy customization with mainframe source control systems, integration with your existing development lifecycle, and a built-in IDE user interface for higher developer acceptance and productivity gains.

Application development lifecycle support on the desktop

Improves developer productivity and product quality throughout each phase of the mainframe application lifecycle journey.

Team collaboration

Improves developer productivity through easier sharing of development resources. Establish better collaboration across cross-functional dev and test teams to deliver new application functionality, faster.

Comprehensive mainframe compatibility

Improve developer efficiency and remove bottlenecks with a complete replicated mainframe dev and test environment on Windows.

Mainframe integration and remote development

Improves developer productivity through full control of development activities directly on the mainframe. Edit, execute, debug, and unit-test your mainframe applications.

Platform choice

One development tool can now meet all your development requirements. Enterprise Developer provides tools to edit, compile, debug, execute, and test applications on a wide range of UNIX and Linux environments.

Composite application development

Cross-language application development provides better quality and increased competitiveness. Easily work with PL/I, COBOL, Java, and .NET using a single unified toolset.

Host connectivity

Improves development lifecycles through simple, secure, and ready access to mainframe-based elements while removing unnecessary burdens on the host.

Deliver projects up to 40 percent faster
Deliver mainframe application development projects up to 40 percent faster through modern tools integrated with Visual Studio and Eclipse.
Achieve faster time to market

By leveraging workstation power to shorten mainframe development and unit test cycles, new products and features are delivered faster, enabling a better competitive advantage and business ROI.

Improve efficiency

Improve application maintenance and development efficiency with access to a modern IDE, smart editing and debugging, instant code compilation, and testing – on or off the mainframe.

Modernize mainframe applications

Build new applications and services using a single integrated toolset. Enable your developers to easily adapt mainframe applications to work with .NET, Java, web services, REST-based APIs and cloud platforms.

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