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Enterprise Server for .NET

Enabling mainframe workloads for cloud.

Enterprise Server for .NET

Micro Focus Enterprise Server for .NET enables an IBM mainframe application workload to be deployed to the Windows .NET framework. Enables deployment of IBM mainframe application workloads to the Windows .NET framework to improve reliability, availability, and serviceability.

Cut Operating Costs

Enable efficiency. Reduce overheads.

Reduce IT costs by as much as 90%. Deploy your mainframe application workloads to Microsoft Windows .NET and the Azure cloud.

Harnessing the power of the cloud can reduce IT expenditure by up to 90%.
Reuse trusted business rules using the latest Microsoft technologies.

Cut Operating Costs

Reuse Applications

Recycle core business rules and systems.

Now, organizations can use the latest Microsoft technologies, and reusing trusted COBOL business rules and applications.

Increase flexibility.
Reduce risk.

Reuse Applications

Scale-Out Architecture

New levels of RAS.

Achieve business-critical system reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) levels.
Instantly build in fault tolerance, and simplify disaster recovery with scale-out architecture.

Simplify disaster recovery.
Instant, built-in fault tolerance.

Scale-out Architecture

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Enterprise Server for .NET

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