Enterprise Server


Safe, stable integration

Reuses existing COBOL and PL/I code that defines your online and batch processes – so applications behave in the same way they did on the mainframe.

Reusable mainframe security model

Reduce the learning curve and effort by using existing mainframe security models for application authentication and authorization.

Platform flexibility and consistency

Adopt a fit-for-purpose application deployment model that is flexible and supports all key platforms.

Integrated job execution and transaction environment

Provides an easy and low risk capability to support the rehosting of mainframe COBOL and PL/I application workload.

Comprehensive data support

Lowers the business risk of rehost projects as more data can be moved without application change.

Increase agility

Enterprise Server enables mainframe applications to run with minimal change in your chosen environment. Move or replicate existing mainframe workload to new platforms for rapid expansion to new markets or geographies.

Improve execution time

Dramatically reduce batch cycle execution times by taking advantage of modern, distributed and lower cost processors.

Secure your applications

Enterprise Server delivers support for a security capability, to enable the reuse of existing mainframe security rules for authentication and application level authorization.

Maximize your IT budget

IT organizations can innovate faster by reinvesting existing IT budget into new initiatives and rapidly deploying core business workload to new environments to meet new business requirements.

Reduce operational costs

Deploying IBM mainframe application workload to Enterprise Server has enabled some organizations to slash ongoing IT operational costs by up to 90%. Additionally, planned mainframe upgrades can be deferred or cancelled by leveraging the flexible, lower-cost Enterprise Server solution.

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