Enterprise Suite

Comprehensive and flexible analysis, development, test, and deployment solutions for IBM mainframe applications

Enterprise Suite
Mainframe Application Modernization


The Micro Focus Enterprise product suite improves application modernization for IBM mainframe PL/I and COBOL development and operations teams. Our enterprise application knowledge, development, test, and workload deployment tools improve efficiency and time to market.

Enterprise Suite Products

Enterprise Developer

Enterprise Developer enables mainframe teams to easily and rapidly modernize Z Systems applications. It offers unrivaled efficiency for continuous mainframe application development.

Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server is an application deployment environment for IBM mainframe applications. It delivers a fast return on investment to support your digital transformation agenda.

Enterprise View

Enterprise View gathers metrics about the value, cost, and risk of diverse application portfolios. Managers can then identify modernization and development priorities to optimize their applications.

Enterprise Analyzer

Enterprise Analyzer delivers a wide array of tools and content to support better application understanding. This toolset also scales to manage complex, multi-million line-of-code application portfolios.

Enterprise Test Server

Enterprise Test Server is an IBM mainframe application test environment that enables IT teams to test mainframe application changes on available commodity Windows servers.

Enterprise Server for .NET

Enterprise Server for .NET enables an IBM mainframe application workload to be deployed to the Windows .NET framework. It offers an integrating mainframe COBOL online and batch applications under .NET.

Enterprise Sync

Enterprise Sync frees up mainframe resources by replicating enterprise source code across distributed platforms and minimizes risk by preserving source integrity and SCM processes.

Enterprise Developer for Z

Easily maintain and modernize z Systems applications with Enterprise Developer for Z. Integrated with Eclipse or Visual Studio, these tools deliver unrivaled mainframe and workflow management capability.

Enterprise Suite 6.0 – Integration, Insight and Innovation

Global events have turned many IT operations upside down, and the challenges of remote collaboration – connecting in a disconnected world – have thrown ac­cepted practices up in the air. Organi­zations can accelerate their digital transformation journeys by reusing their unique and business-critical core applications and data, enhanced repeatedly over time, in the context of fresh innovation. Micro Focus latest modernization solution, Enterprise Suite 6.0, is designed to help.

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