File Reporter


A critical component of a File Analysis strategy

One objective of File Analysis is getting your “data glut” under control. This begins with defining the contents of your “dark data” and then determining which files to retain, which files to archive, and which files to delete.

20 built-in report types

The most sought-after information about your file system is only a few clicks away. Built-in reports are easy to generate and range from file system security to storage content and growth trends.

Content analysis

Meet compliance requirements for PII, PCI, PHI, GDPR, and more by identifying files containing personal or sensitive information so you can take measures to secure or justifiably delete these files.

Integrates with Identity Governance

When combined with Micro Focus Identity Governance 3.5, File Reporter 3.6 lets you conduct access reviews for unstructured data using the same Identify Governance 3.5 interface.

Detail reports

Generate standard or detail reports for filename extension, owner, duplicate file, or date-age reports. Detail reports provide more information pertaining to a specific filename extension, owner, duplicate file, or file listed in a date-age report.

Custom query reports

Create custom reports by querying the database for the exact information you want. Database administrators and others proficient with SQL commands can create custom query reports.

Data analytics

Data analytics let you examine data and present findings in a variety of ways, enabling you to isolate the exact information you need.

Integrates with Micro Focus File Dynamics

Through Workload policies in File Dynamics, File Reporter reports that identify files containing personal or sensitive information can be imported into the Data Owner Client where these files can be automatically moved to more secure locations.

Concurrent reporting of NetIQ eDirectory and Active Directory storage

With Micro Focus File Reporter, it's easy to configure reporting for storage resources located in both NetIQ® eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory. Once configured, a single report can include file data across both directory services.

Storage trending

By entering a price per megabyte or gigabyte, you can determine which users, groups, or departments are costing you the most for file storage.

Storage cost determination

Monitor storage growth, determine when volumes or shares will reach storage capacity, and project when additional storage capacity might be needed.

Permission reports

Micro Focus File Reporter helps you quickly discover who in the organization has access to a particular folder or file on the network and how that access was derived. Determine every file that a specific user can access.

What's new in File Reporter 3.6

Integration with Identity Governance 3.5

File Reporter 3.6 now integrates with Micro Focus Identity Governance 3.5, providing Identity Governance the ability to perform access reviews on unstructured data located on the network file system.

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