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Host Access Analyzer

A clearer view of user configurations.

Host Access Analyzer
OpenText™ Host Access Analyzer offers a clear vision of custom terminal emulation configurations in use across the organization. More than an asset management tool, Host Access Analyzer finds users’ custom configurations so you can gain control of your host access estate.

Endpoint Analysis

Modern mainframe access and security.

Optimize resources, stay compliant with licenses, and enforce policies. Enable host access inventory and analysis.

Host access endpoint inventory and analysis includes products and assets.
Organizational host access system and user audit enable full search and analysis.

Endpoint Analysis

View Usage and Load

Host connection monitoring and scanning.

Add any software product to Analyzer reporting and analysis functionality. Monitor every host connection to check consumption.

View user configurations across the organization.
Monitor host connection usage and load.

View Usage and Load

Monitor Security

Organizational infrastructure analysis.

Checks desktop and environment landscape for change information and security updates, while monitoring migration progress for actionable issues.

Real-time search and analysis for every endpoint to secure host systems.
Optimize your resources, nail down compliance, and enforce security policies.

Additional Features

Dashboarding and Reporting

A dashboard view of the terminal emulation install base, identifies redundant usage and deployment.


Optimize resources, stay license-compliant for your host access, and enforce security policies.

Host Connection Monitoring and Scanning

Gain insight into load placed on host systems through host connection monitoring.


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Host Access Analyzer

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