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Host Access for the Cloud


Host Access for Cloud Specs

Deployment options:

Virtual Software Appliance

The first option is an appliance, a virtual machine that contains everything you need to run Host Access for the Cloud in a virtualization environment, with minimal effort.

Linux installer to support your Linux Distribution

The second option is a Linux installer where you choose and manage your own Linux distribution, when that is a priority.

System Requirements:

Each virtual appliance VM or Linux install requires:

Minimum CPU, memory and storage requirements:
8 CPU Cores
60 GB virtual disk space (SSD)

Note: These are the minimum resources required for each node. These requirements assume that no other production software is installed on the node.

Fast Storage:

The use of a solid-state drive (SSD) or other fast storage solution is required.

Fixed IP address:

A fixed, non-changing IP address is required for each node. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is supported but the IP must be reserved and cannot change.

Supported Linux Operating Systems (Linux installer only):

These versions or greater:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4
  • OpenSUSE Leap 15.4
  • Red Hat Linux 9
  • Rocky Linux 9
  • Oracle Linux 9
  • Alma Linux 9

Browsers supported:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge


  • LDAP
  • Single Sign-on through IIS
  • Windows Authentication via Kerberos
  • X.509 certificate support for CAC, PIV, and other smart cards
  • SiteMinder
  • SAML

Authorization (Access Control)

  • LDAP integration to restrict terminal, printer, and file transfer session access to authorized users
  • Access control for session access based on individual identity or LDAP group membership
  • LDAP-based access control enforced through secure token authorization technology
  • Dynamic LDAP group support
  • Secure terminal and file transfer connections to multiple hosts through a single port in the firewall


  • MSS Management Server log
  • MSS Metering Server log
  • Log data tracks usage by LDAP-distinguished names

Terminal emulation:

  • 3270
  • 5250
  • VT/SSH
  • Unisys UTS (via INT1) and T27 (Unisys Edition only)
  • ALC (via MATIP) (Airlines Edition only)

Administrative tools:

  • Centralized Management Server
    • Web-based console for central administration of settings files
    • Web-based deployment of settings files and updates
    • Metering support
    • User preference replication

Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS) add-On components (Requires an additional license)

  • Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On: Enable automated sign-on to IBM 3270 applications via your identity and access management system.
  • Automated Sign-On for Host Access: Enable automated sign-on to host applications on an IBM iSeries, Unix/Linux, Unisys or Airlines host via your identity and access management system.
  • Terminal ID Management Add-On: Dynamically allocate terminal IDs based on username, DNS name, IP address, or address pool.


  • Plus UI modernization for IBM 3270 and 5250 host screens
    • Built-in controls for AutoExecution, Bi-Directional Table (read/write across multiple screens), Button, Calendar, CheckBox, Chooser, Collector, GridCollector, Image, InputField, Label, Message Box, MultiLine, RadioButton, Tab, Tooltip, and WebFrame
  • Hotspots
  • Color mapping
  • Quick keys
  • Suspend and resume sessions
  • Keyboard mapping
  • Enhanced cut/copy/paste
  • Type ahead
  • Host-initiated screen updates
  • Enhanced fonts
  • Right Click Copy/Paste

Programming and automation:

  • Extended Macro API (Stop, OnEvent, etc.)
  • Server Side Event & Scripting capabilities (Java)
  • Macro recorder and editor
  • Host Access for the Cloud Client Connector for Windows
  • Embeddable in web portals

File transfer:

  • Mainframe (IND$FILE)
  • FTP and SFTP
  • File Transfer for the AS400


  • Screen printing
  • 3287 mainframe printing
  • UTS Mapper and Demand printing (available in the Unisys Version)
  • Multiple host printer session
  • Print page setup
  • Dynamic prompt for LU
  • Print screens to file
  • Batch printing
  • AS400 printing


  • X.509/SmartCard support
  • FIPS 140-2 Support (Cert #3152)
  • Simplified certificate management


  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
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