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InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines

Tech Specs

InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines

InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines

  • Tech Specs InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines

    Enterprise system support

    • ALC to:
      • Galileo/Apollo Travel Services
      • Sabre NOFEP
      • HP Shares
      • Worldspan
      • Amadeus
      • MATIP hosts
      • InfoConnect Airlines Gateway
    • UTS to ClearPath Dorado system
    • 3270 to IBM Z (System z mainframe)
    • 5250 to IBM System i (iSeries, AS/400)
    • UNIX/Linux and OpenVMS
    • HP 3000

    Emulation support

    • ALC/TPF
    • UTS
    • VT/Telnet/SSH
    • 3270
    • 5250
    • HP 700/9x


    • NEW TLS 1.3 (and earlier) and SSH encryption
    • NEW Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for TLS 1.3 and SSH encryption
    • NEW Admins can access, set, and lockdown individual security settings via Group Policy or Permissions Manager
    • NEW Administrators can lock down TLS settings in a granular fashion for IBM and VT session types
    • NEW Ability to select custom ciphers for TLS connections
    • NEW Ability to select from multiple certificates during connection process
    • NEW Data redaction for host screens
    • Single sign-on to Dorado applications via x.509 authentication
    • Support for multi-factor authentication to MSS via x.509 certificates on smart card
    • Support for sending intermediate CAs along with the user certificate (SSH)
    • Trusted Locations
    • Reflection Secure FTP Client with enhanced data protection to meet strict security standards
    • Encryption of CASL and Basic macros


    • Plus UI modernization for IBM host screens
    • Workspace with ribbon, browser, classic, touch interface modes
    • Office features
      • Spell Check
      • AutoExpand
      • AutoComplete
      • Recent Typing
    • Scratch Pad
    • Integration with Microsoft Office, including color schemes visually similar to Office
    • Support for the InfoConnect 9x method of performing multiple print screens of host data
    • Ability to merge 3270 host print data with a predefined Rich Text Format (RTF) file and output it to Word or PDF document
    • Status bar indicator when loading sessions or importing legacy session files
    • Cut/copy/paste improvements
    • Search feature added in Classic mode
    • Ability to save layouts in Classic mode
    • Search utility
    • Single application framework
    • Customizable user interfaces
      • Full color editing
      • Customizable toolbar
      • Dynamic HotSpots
      • Keyboard mapping
    • QuickPads
    • File transfer support

    Programming and automation

    • NEW Ability to share VBA macros
    • NEW Business-user-oriented macro language (Express Macro Language for IBM hosts)
    • .NET API
    • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
    • Events Mapper
    • Legacy API support (HLLAPI, ADK, SDK, and OLE)

    Administrative tools

    • Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS)*
      • Web-based console for central administration of settings files
      • Web-based deployment of settings files and updates
      • NEW Enable MSS administrators to update users’ session settings while preserving customization users have previously made to the session files
      • NEW Administrators can centrally modify workspace (global) settings without disrupting existing end-user configurations
      • NEW Support for SAML as MSS authentication method
      • Centralized certificate management for IBM host systems
      • Option to require MSS authentication before granting host access
      • Enhanced automated sign-on to IBM mainframe (ASM) implementation
    • MSS add-on components*
      • Security Proxy Add-On: Deliver end-to-end encryption and enforce access control at the perimeter with patented security technology
      • Advanced Authentication Add-On: Enable multifactor authentication to authorize access to your valuable host systems
      • Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On: Enable automated sign-on to IBM 3270 applications via your identity and access management system
      • PKI Automated Sign-On Add-On: PKI-enable automated application sign-on to your critical enterprise systems
      • Terminal ID Management Add-On: Dynamically allocate terminal IDs based on username, DNS name, IP address, or address pool.

    Operating Platforms

    • Windows 10 Enterprise**
    • Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services
    • Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services
    • Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services
    • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp)
    • Microsoft App-V
    • VMware

    *Requires additional license(s)
    **64-bit editions only

  • Tech Specs for InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines PTR

    Available enterprise system support

    • Galileo/Apollo Travel Services
    • Sabre
    • HP Shares
    • Worldspan
    • Amadeus
    • MATIP hosts
    • InfoConnect Airlines Gateway

    Host connectivity and protocol options

    • TCP path – used for an LPD connection on a Windows print server
    • 2200 protocols – used for all data from Unisys Dorado systems over TCP
    • ALC transports – used to support ALC terminals to TPF hosts
    • IPv6

    Output options

    • Printer port or Print Manager
    • Disk file
    • User-written Service Library filter
    • User-written accessory
    • Third party print facility

    Supported peripheral connections

    • Serial ports
      • COM 1–99
    • Parallel ports
      • LPT 1–4


    • 100 print routes
    • Supported print queues
      • COM 1–99
      • LPT 1–4
      • Spooled or redirected
    • PTR accepts input from
      • Bar code scanners
      • Passport readers
      • Magnetic stripe readers
      • Boarding gate readers
    • PTR generates output to
      • ATB2 ticket printers
      • Baggage tag printers
      • Miscellaneous line printers


    • Windows 10 Enterprise*
    • Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services
    • Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services
    • Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services
    • Common Use Certification Options:
      • CUPPS

    *64-bit edition only

  • Tech Specs for InfoConnect Airlines Gateway

    Recommended server operating system platforms

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012

    Compatible client operating system platforms

    • Windows 10 Enterprise*

    *64-bit edition only

    Server hardware requirements

    • Processor
      • 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
    • Memory
      • 4 GB RAM
    • Hard disk space
      • 100 MB available disk space

    Supported GDS connections

    • Worldspan
    • Amadeus
    • Sabre
    • Apollo/Galileo
    • HP Shares
    • MATIP Concentration
      • Worldspan (WSE MATIP)
      • Amadeus (MATIP)
    • Address Pooling
      • Worldspan
      • Amadeus
      • Sabre
      • Apollo/Galileo
      • HP Shares

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