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Meet the IDOL

OpenText IDOL is an advanced search, knowledge discovery, and analytics platform. It uses AI to leverage text, audio, video, and image analytics. Discover how our partners leverage IDOL AI to improve their platforms and services for their customers.

st four

ST-Four specialise in IT Consultancy, Services, Support, & Managed Service: Strong partnerships are the basis of any good business and at ST-FOUR we pride ourselves on our trusted adviser status amongst our clients. For many of our clients, we are an extension of their IT Team providing the following services

  • Bringing Business ideas to Life: IT is driven by Business requirement and in turn IT should drive business efficiency and profits. We can help translate your Business ambitions into a cost-effective usable IT workspace.
  • IT Integration & Access: Single Sign-on, Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Day Start/Finish, Least Privilege, Hybrid Cloud, Identity & Access, we can help you cut through the marketing and get your Users and IT systems working together.
  • Collaboration & Security: We all want to do more with less while at the same time improving IT usability, reliability, accountability and security. Speak to ST-FOUR about how we can make the most from your current IT investment to improve your IT Systems and keep them up to date and protected.
  • Highly Available: ST-FOUR are a flexible remote work friendly company and we can support you wherever you are globally. We can also help you build systems to securely support your global workforce.

OpenText: ST-FOUR are a dedicated OpenText partner providing many specialist services using OpenText products, we are proud to be part of their At Your Service Asset so we can share how you can make the most from your current IT investment to improve your IT Systems and keep them up to date and protected.


Adamant is a company focusing on IDOL technology in Taiwan with rich experiences for customers across many industries.

  • Act on all types of information to gain market head start and competitive advantage.
  • Capture key ideas and concepts from your structured and unstructured sources.
  • View, classify, move and manage your information without duplication of work.
  • Access five additional solutions designed for Big Data, Social Media, Risk Management, Cloud and Mobile.

Boxxe are a leading provider of hardware, software, and managed IT services to the public and corporate sectors, with a passion for sustainability. We’re using OpenText IDOL technology to improve user experience and data security within our service.

  • Protect your organization from malicious attacks, website spoofing, and corrupt files
  • Protect your software assets, mitigate risk, and drive competitive advantage
  • Understand and modernize your end user computing structure with tailor-made implementation strategy

Boxxe create flexible IT solutions, all underpinned by world leading security and data management. Helping people, systems, and technology function efficiently and productively.

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