Real-time video analytics
Real-time video analytics

High performance analytics for human, vehicle and scene with the critical capability to deliver breakthrough insight by uncovering how seemingly disparate events might be related.

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Real-time audio analytics

Security incident (e.g. gunshot) audio detection, speaker identification, language detection, speech-to-text and more. Process and analyse audio data from virtually any source – audio sensor, broadcast media, social media etc. Supports over 30 languages.

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Real-time audio analytics
Real-time text analytics
Real-time text analytics

Monitor and analyse communications of virtually any source to identify key concepts and their relationships with other concepts within the data set to gain contextually relevant information and alerts in real time.

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Connect to data from virtually any source

With out of the box access to over 150 data sources and support for over 1000 media formats, it is simple to gain insights from virtually any data from anywhere – surveillance cameras, sensors, social media, broadcast media, call centers, etc.

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Fully integrated video analytics, image analytics, speech analytics and text analytics

Deliver holistic intelligence by unlocking insights from all unstructured data in real-time to minimize blind spots. Proven machine learning algorithms continue to learn from new data to improve accuracy.

AI at the core

Hundreds of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered functions such as face recognition, license plate & vehicle model/make recognition, scene analysis, audio signature detection, speech recognition, language detection, speech-to-text, and text analytics for trends, patterns and relationships.


Real-time video, image, audio and text analytics in one AI platform
Media types supported out of the box
Data sources accessed out of the box

Auckland Transport ushers in the era of Smart City with AI

Find out how New Zealand’s largest city transforms transportation safety and efficiency.

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