Enhanced Text Analytics Accuracy
Enhanced Text Analytics Accuracy

Common NLP approaches tokenize text into words and tag the words based on their position and function in a sentence—to extract meaning and perform tasks such as summarization or named entity recognition. IDOL enhances accuracy by automatically combining sophisticated probabilistic modeling with NLP algorithms to extract insights from written or spoken language.

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Transformative end-user experience
Natural Language Question Answering transforms the end-user experience by enabling simple and contextually relevant dialogues between humans and machines in information search and knowledge discovery.
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Create simple summaries
Automatic summarization creates a conceptual summary of salient concepts in the entire document; a contextual summary related to the original query; and a simple summary comprised of opening sentences of the document.
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Overcome transcription imperfections
Natural speech analytics transforms audio data into text data which is then analyzed using IDOL’s probabilistic model to overcome transcription imperfections and deviations from grammatical and syntactical rules.
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