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  • Save on printing expenses

    Save on printing expenses

    Micro Focus iPrint scales up easily and works across platforms so you only need one solution. Mobilize your existing fleet of printers rather than buying new and implement print monitoring to track printing costs. With user self-provisioning of network printers, helpdesk expenses are reduced through fewer calls for printer help.

    Save on printing expenses
  • Simplify enterprise printing

    Simplify enterprise printing

    Micro Focus iPrint connects all your organization's workstations and mobile devices to your current printers. Set up a self-service printing environment where employees can print on-demand. Users on Windows, Mac, Linux, and most mobile device platforms can send print jobs through Micro Focus iPrint to both new and legacy printers from all major print vendors without worrying about print drivers.

    Simplify enterprise printing
  • Leverage your current directory service

    Leverage your current directory service

    Micro Focus iPrint can integrate with any lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) source, such as Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, and various mobile identities. This means no matter what mobile device an employee uses, iPrint offers authentication to keep your organization's information secure.

    Leverage your current directory service
  • Mobile printing made end-user easy

    Mobile printing made end-user easy

    Users of iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry mobile devices can download apps that enable them to print from their mobile devices directly to any of your organization's printers. Select the printer from a list and adjust all the basic print specifications through a simple touch-screen-friendly interface.

    Mobile printing made end-user easy
  • Micro Focus iPrint Desktop

    Micro Focus iPrint Desktop

    Using a web browser, employees working at desktops or laptops can choose printers on a map. The map shows the location and details of every printer in the company (both local and global). Users can begin printing with just a few mouse clicks – no training required.

    Micro Focus iPrint Desktop

Branch office printing

With Micro Focus iPrint you never have to make a trip to a branch office or send print traffic over a wide-area network (WAN). Route branch-office print traffic directly from workstations to printers, using the WAN only for configuration information. Branch office employees can self-provision their printers from a browser-based corporate website.


Works with expanding organizations

Acquisitions and mergers can leave IT with the responsibility for very mixed environments. Micro Focus iPrint works with printers from all the major hardware vendors, eliminating the need for you to purchase new printers.


Works in a heterogeneous environment

Micro Focus iPrint can save IT time and money by significantly reducing the management burden required for mixed fleets of Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops. IT can manage printing from Windows, Mac, or Linux workstations from a single place.


Micro Focus iPrint partners

Micro Focus iPrint works seamlessly with products from Equitrac, Papercut, Pcounter, Axis Communications, Brother International, Canon, Dell, Electronics for Imaging, Fuji Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Document Solutions, Lexmark International, Océ Technologies, Oki Data, Ricoh, Seiko Epson, Toshiba, and Xerox.


WalkUp printing

WalkUp printing uses a “submit, acknowledge, and release” printing method, which means that documents won’t print until the user is at the printer. Using WalkUp Printing helps users feel more secure about printing sensitive information while reducing paper waste.


Advanced authentication support

Micro Focus iPrint Appliance supports Advanced Authentication for users releasing their walk-up jobs. This multi-factor authentication solution, which uses the combination of a card and a smartphone, enables secure printing to Micro Focus iPrint printers and requires minimal administration.


Context menu-based desktop printing

The Micro Focus iPrint Client for Windows includes the option to print from the context menu. This gives users the freedom to print from any format, without needing to install printers or drivers on their desktops.


Certificate management

The Micro Focus iPrint Management Console includes a workflow for managing certificates. Using the Certificates page, administrators can simply upload the CA-signed certificates and apply them to all relevant services used by the Micro Focus iPrint Appliance.


Print portal – tags configuration

This feature enhances print-portal usability and allows for a more granular description of printers.


Print portal – disable IPP page

Administrators can disable the IPP page and thus enforce the use of the new Micro Focus iPrint Portal, giving them complete control of printer distribution.


AppConfig for Android

Associated with the Android 3.1 app release, this Micro Focus iPrint feature benefits partner vendors by giving them basic EMM support for AppConfig.


Increase the security of any email-enabled device

Print from any email-enabled device by sending an email to Micro Focus iPrint. Administrators can set up a single email address for the organization's printing or for each printer. Email administrators can also set up white lists and other controls to increase the security of your mobile, email-based printing.


Works with legacy printers

Micro Focus iPrint prevents you from having to buy multiple print solutions or new printers. Micro Focus iPrint renders and converts print jobs coming from mobile devices and sends them to any printer, eliminating the need for special mobile-ready printers.

What’s new in Micro Focus iPrint 3.2

Windows Print Transfer Utility

Windows Print Transfer Utility

Enable Windows printers as Micro Focus iPrint printers by setting up a simple, easy migration client. Use Windows printers and Micro Focus iPrint printers as mobile printers simultaneously.

Direct PDF Rendering

Direct PDF Rendering

Decrease the time required to print PDF jobs by sending them directly to a supported printer.

Mac Client Auto Upgrade

Mac Client Auto Upgrade

The Auto Update feature is now supported on the Mac client.

Map 2

Mobile App Forward Proxy Support

Support for Forward proxy with the Micro Focus iPrint App for Android and iOS.

Desktop QuickPrint Enhancements (iPrintLite)

Desktop QuickPrint Enhancements (iPrintLite)

Print up to 15 mixed format documents at a time with a single right-click.

Advanced Authentication Framework Support on Micro Focus iPrint for OES 2018

Advanced Authentication Framework Support on Micro Focus iPrint for OES 2018

NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework support for "Micro Focus iPrint for OES."

BlackBerry MDM now lists the Micro Focus iPrint App as one of their compatible Print Apps.

BlackBerry Marketplace Support

BlackBerry MDM now lists the Micro Focus iPrint App as one of their compatible Print Apps.

Mobile App Enhancements (3D touch, App shortcuts)

Mobile App Enhancements (3D touch, App shortcuts)

Up-to-date features for the latest Mobile OS for Micro Focus iPrint Apps.

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Tue Nov 22 15:06:16 PST 2022