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Law Enforcement Media Analysis

Video and image digital forensics—powered by IDOL.

Law Enforcement Media Analysis
OpenText™ Law Enforcement Media Analysis identifies and extracts facts from video and image evidence during investigations. Collect, organize, classify, and secure these assets faster while reducing costs and the strain on labor.

Unified Platform

Manage digital investigations in one place.

Extract, classify, and index key facts from internal and external video and image sources on one unified platform and meet evidential standards.

Incorporate external sources—broadcast media, web, social media.

Unified Platform

Secure Access Control

Choose who sees and shares evidence.

Automate rules for uploading, sharing, or restricting access to evidence, and improve collaboration across your organization.

Improve communications between internal and external groups.

Secure Access Control

Evidential Workflow Analysis

Let investigators focus on their specialty.

Automate and manage the complete analysis workflow including request, analysis, validation, and reporting.

Make investigators more efficient and effective crime solvers.
Increase case closure and successful prosecutions.

Evidential Workflow Analysis

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Law Enforcement Media Analysis

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