Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition

Replicate Your Mainframe Development Environment on Windows

A Windows-based analysis and integrated development environment for mainframe COBOL development organizations.

Replicate Your Mainframe Development Environment on Windows


Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition™ increases your developer productivity by over 35%, simply by off-loading your mainframe application development environment onto Windows.

Powerful integrated development environment

A complete mainframe application maintenance, development and modernization environment that exploits the graphical user interfaces of Windows and the power of modern processors to improve developer productivity.

Full application development lifecycle support on the desktop

Support all phases of the mainframe application development life cycle, from initial application design and generation, through analysis, development, compilation, unit testing, and debugging.

Case Studies


Kaufpark needed a cost-effective solution to improve business operations and deliver new business integration capability.

CSC Financial Services Group

Micro Focus products gave CSC Financial Services Group a cost-effective way to enhance and deploy financial services software on both mainframes and low-cost environments.


Tieto saw a dramatic decrease in MIPS usage, and reduced costs by 66% while improving flexibility and developer productivity.
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