Micro Focus Connect


Improve visibility and process control

Micro Focus Connect provides unified reporting and baselines across all software delivery assets. Teams can achieve tighter communication while stakeholders gain transparency over development environments.

Flexible architecture for any custom integration

Micro Focus Connect allows organizations to consolidate a myriad of tools and systems into a central repository. Reduce the need to rely on custom scripting and integration support that increases administrative costs.

Achieve full visibility and traceability for all change assets

Once data is synced in the central hub, the hub’s change management capabilities are available, including versioning, branching, tracing, labeling, and reporting. Stakeholders can then reduce risk, manage defects, and improve software delivery.

Online UI for configuration

The web UI enables you to configure user maps online rather than only in the XML configuration. User maps can link specific users across connected data sources when different usernames are used for access to the systems.

Connector certification support

All certified connectors posted on the community site can be driven via the Micro Focus Connect UI. They provide drop-down options for field and project mapping selection rather than requiring the user to manually type the appropriate names.

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