Micro Focus Connect

Manage Change Universally

Achieve full transparency across a multitude of tools and systems.

Improve visibility and process control

Micro Focus Connect provides unified reporting and baselines across all software delivery assets. Teams can achieve tighter communication while stakeholders gain transparency over development environments.

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Superior traceability garners higher predictability

Traceability of artifacts across the entire software lifecycle promotes overall quality during application development. Teams can make informed decisions that affect change, reduce risk, manage defects, and improve agility.

Reduce clutter and guesswork: make informed decisions

Create a snapshot of all your software assets at every milestone within a project and compare all aspects of the project to identify trends that could impact delivery. Generate unified reports for stakeholders regardless of the tools used.

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Comprehensive ALM asset synchronization

All ALM assets and relationships are synchronized into a central change management hub. These assets include source code, requirements, agile artifacts, and tests. Create a common approach to managing software releases in an ALM environment.

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