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Net Express/Server Express

Proven COBOL development tools.

Proven COBOL development tools.

Develop and deploy Micro Focus COBOL applications to a wide range of platforms including Windows, UNIX or Linux. Maintain and modernize existing Net Express and Server Express applications.

Build, Test, Deploy

Proven COBOL applications.

Use our classic, trusted and proven tools for distributed COBOL application development and deployment.

Continuous COBOL application modernization.

Continuous COBOL application modernization.

72% plan to modernize COBOL.

72% plan to modernize COBOL.

Proven COBOL applications. More platforms.

Unix & Linux Development

Build COBOL applications on Unix and Linux.

Server Express offers a COBOL application development solution targeting UNIX and Linux environments.

Modernize COBOL

Modernize Net and Server Express apps.

Use Visual Studio or Eclipse to maintain and modernize Net Express and Server Express applications and deploy COBOL applications to the cloud.

Modernize Micro Focus COBOL applications.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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Modernize your distributed COBOL applications with next generation development tools, deployment platforms and architectures.
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