Network Automation Software

Drive automated configuration, change, and security compliance across your enterprise network.

Greenlight Group and Micro Focus deliver automation to drive ROI

Hear how Greenlight group enabled one customer with over 4000 retail outlets to automate their network provisioning and facilitate hardware upgrades with Network Automation, resulting in lower costs and increased business support.

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Remain compliant

Pass audit and compliance requirements easily with proactive policy enforcement and audit and compliance reports.

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Improved security

Improve network security by recognizing and fixing security vulnerabilities before they impact your network.

Cost reduction

Reduce costs by automating time-consuming manual compliance and configuration tasks.

Prevent inconsistencies

Increase network stability and uptime by preventing inconsistencies and misconfigurations.

Improve MTTR

Utilize configuration changes to determine if performance issues are related.

IPC leverages network automation to support business growth

Read how our network automation solution helped IPC grow its network by 75%, accelerate new-customer rollout by 15%, and save their IT staff 35 hours a month.

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