Network Node Manager i downloads

Product Evaluation Software

Download and install any or all NNMi products for a free 60-day evaluation period. Experience for yourself the full potential of Micro Focus Network Management software.

Configuration Management

Network Automation

Manage the change, configuration, and compliance of the network. Includes:

  • Change management processes

  • Full compliance management including regulatory or internal compliance requirements

  • Efficient audit reporting

Fault Management

Network Node Manager i

NNMi unifies fault, availability, and performance management for the network into a single centralized console. Explore enhanced root cause analysis, network discovery, and fully integrated performance metrics.

NNMi Windows

NNMi Linux

NNMi iSPI IP Telephony

NNMi iSPI Multicast



Performance Management

NNMi iSPI for Metrics

A complete multivendor environment for collecting, alarming, and reporting on a wide variety of network performance metrics. Includes a reporting solution for trend and operational analysis.

NNMi iSPI for Traffic

Find out if mission-critical applications have sufficient bandwidth. This comprehensive reporting solution supports all common flow types with a wide range of reports for centralized operational traffic analysis.

NNMi iSPI for Quality Assurance

Monitor the quality of service levels of your network. Discovers preconfigured SLA probes and gathers their performance metrics. It identifies SLA exceptions and provides instant notification.

Free Tools and Utilities

Enjoy the power of "free". Download any or all of these tools today. Each tool was designed to fill IT management gaps where fast and efficient tools may be required.

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