Network Node Manager i

Network Monitoring Software

Network health and performance monitoring with industry-leading scalability and device support.

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Network monitoring
Increase staff productivity and efficiency by consolidating and correlating fault and performance data while reducing the need for separate diagnostic and network monitoring tools.
Block based replication

Get unparalleled scalability and flexible deployment architecture in this distributed and federated solution, which allows you to reduce hardware footprint and improve TCO and ROI.

Network topology

Rapidly determine and monitor device inventory connectivity and ensure highly accurate network topology with our powerful Continuous Spiral Discovery capability.

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Smart plug-ins

Extend monitoring, fault isolation, and performance tools to specialized domains.

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Intelligent automation

Improve operator productivity and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by leveraging a broad set of intelligent automation features, such as the management-by-exception paradigm and the deterministic causal engine.

This project gave me a renewed appreciation for the value of Micro Focus software as products that can be implemented with confidence in a large-scale system environment.

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Best functionality, best value-for-money

Read how NNMi gave telcom Vivacom a panoramic view of its massive IP network infrastructure—and helped it cut problem resolution times by over 50%.

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