OpenFusion JacORB

Open Source CORBA for Java

Robust, high-performance open source ORB for Java, derived from the community-based JacORB project.

Open Source CORBA for Java


OpenFusion JacORB is derived from the open source JacORB project, enabling users to build and deploy CORBA based Java applications. It is complementary to OpenFusion TAO, a fully open source C++ CORBA solution.

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Enterprise level support

To assist our OpenFusion JacORB users, Micro Focus has pre–compiled the community edition and added valuable features to strengthen the product further. These changes will be merged with the community edition, so that users can move to fully open source versions of the product whenever they want.

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Tested to ensure enterprise quality

OpenFusion JacORB and TAO are derived from the open source community editions and undergo thorough quality assurance testing. This ensures they can power the most demanding applications.

Out of the box
Deploy faster and with more control

The OpenFusion JacORB release is a full binary distribution that installs easily, is simple to configure and requires no additional compilation following installation.

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Wed Feb 24 16:38:31 PST 2021