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OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition


Stay compliant

The architecture of OpenFusion RTOrb Ada is based on international standards. OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition is built on a product core that has been tried and tested in demanding applications in both the military and commercial sectors.

Real-time ORB

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition's core design and algorithms are common to all OpenFusion real-time ORBs. Its architecture supports a fully capable, enterprise level ORB. This is rare in real-time ORBs, and more so in ones written in Ada. As a result, OpenFusion RTOrb Ada is uniquely positioned to provide a single solution for different needs and uses, supporting both real-time and business applications in a single ORB.

Memory-safe implementation

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada supports multiple ADA platforms. It also has support for CORBA 3.0 including:

  • IDL to Ada95 compiler
  • Full GIOP 1.2 support
  • POA, and RT-POA for real-time variant
  • Support for Objects By Value
  • CORBA Messaging – AMI and QoS Control (quality of service)
  • Corbaloc and corbaname URL support
  • Interface Repository
  • Implementation Repository

Custom transport protocols

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada supports:

  • MIOP (Multicast Inter ORB Protocol)
  • SHMIOP (Shared Memory)

Fully supported services

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada supports custom transport protocols, including:

  • MIOP (Multicast Inter ORB Protocol)
  • SHMIOP (Shared Memory)

Additional tools to streamline performance

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada includes:

  • Debug utility to display the contents of requests and replies
  • 64-bit integer support on all supported platforms
  • Designed for high performance
  • Supporting Ada CORBA Services (COS) - Naming Service and Event Service which are bundled with the ORB, and Notification which is an optional Service
  • Support for CORBA Real-time Specification, providing predictable behavior and real-time QoS end-to-end

Advantages of the Ada Edition

Additional tools and support

Additional tools and support

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada includes CORBA 3.0 ORB and RT CORBA v1.2 support. You can also add the CORBA Object Services – bundled Naming Service and Event Service.

Full interoperability

Full interoperability

Ada Language bindings are based on the OMG’s IDL to Ada Language Mapping specification. It includes full POA implementation, multithreaded support, ultra-fast ANYs, and ORB interoperability – including OpenFusion RTORB Java Edition, TAO, and JacORB.

More messaging

More messaging

Ada includes CORBA Messaging implementation, which includes request Timeout, SyncScope and Rebind Policies, and full AMI (Poll/Async).

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