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OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition

High-performance CORBA features for fast, mission-critical sectors.

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition

We designed our robust, feature-rich Ada ORB for critical, real-time applications. It implements many advanced CORBA features, such as Objects By Value (OBV) and CORBA Messaging, including Asynchronous Method Invocation (AMI).

Real-Time ORB

Ideal for Agile Environments.

The core design and algorithms are common to all OpenFusion real-time ORBs.

Works well in demanding environments, such as defense, aerospace, and more.


Memory-Safe Implementation

Support multiple ADA platforms.

Collect data and identify problems within your unified communications applications and infrastructure.

Stay compliant with an architecture based on international standards.

Pluggable Transport Framework

Architecture that adapts.

OpenText™ OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition provides a pluggable transport framework with flexible architecture.

Easily prove correctness by using native Ada, even without assembler or C callouts.


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OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition

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