OpenFusion Security Policy Server

Unified Middleware Security Management

A comprehensive security solution.

Unified Middleware Security Management


Along with the Web Services DBC product and the IIOP DBC product, OpenFusion Security offers enterprises two very effective application security gateway products for firewalling Web Services and CORBA/EJB based applications. Both DBC products provide extensive Authentication, Authorization, and Audit (AAA) functionality. This makes them suitable for firewall security at application level, as well as complete security solutions for the enterprise, including internal users for Web Services and CORBA.

Standard and Enterprise editions

The Enterprise edition provides advanced security management of a large number of Web Services and CORBA applications with one unified security policy.

Shield 6
Unified security with one policy

OpenFusion Security Policy Server enables user authentication and fine-grained authorization, down to the single operation of CORBA objects, EJBs, and the Web.

Integrates with existing user and group management systems

OpenFusion delivers high availability through its full support of replication and multi-clustering options.

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