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OpenFusion TAO


OpenFusion – Enterprise quality open source CORBA

The OpenFusion product line is tailored to organizations that use CORBA in mission critical applications while needing to retain complete control over the entire solution. Both OpenFusion TAO and JacORB are derived from the open source community editions, and undergo thorough quality assurance testing. This ensures they are capable of powering the most demanding applications.


Pre-built packages

Each product is distributed in a pre-built package, including full source code. This means users can get their CORBA applications up and running quickly. With access to the source code, you gain flexibility, so you can customize the product just as easily as you can produce a debug build of the product yourself. Access to the source code is just one of the many benefits of choosing Micro Focus OpenFusion.


Comprehensive CORBA services

The comprehensive OpenFusion CORBA Services suite offers a range of solutions to complement these ORB features, such as application messaging and resource directories.

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