OpenFusion TAO

A high performance, robust, feature-rich open source C++ ORB.

OpenFusion TAO


OpenFusion TAO is derived from the open source TAO project, enabling users to build and deploy CORBA based C++ applications. It is complementary to OpenFusion JacORB – a fully open source Java CORBA solution.

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Enterprise level support

To assist our OpenFusion JacORB users, Micro Focus has pre–compiled the community edition and added valuable features to strengthen the product further. These changes will be merged with the community edition, so that users can move to fully open source versions of the product whenever they want.

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OpenFusion – Enterprise quality open source CORBA

The OpenFusion product line is tailored to organizations that use CORBA in mission critical applications while needing to retain complete control over the entire solution.

Out of the box
Pre-built packages

Each product is distributed in a pre-built package, including full source code.

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Comprehensive CORBA services

The comprehensive OpenFusion CORBA Services suite offers a range of solutions to complement these ORB features, such as application messaging and resource directories.

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