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Orbacus Notify

An efficient middleware platform for distributed systems.

Orbacus Notify
OpenText™ Orbacus Notify is the ideal foundation for your event-based applications. With new features like event filtering, structured events, and run-time system management, Orbacus Notify delivers the flexibility you need to quickly get your project started.

Backwards Compatible

Event service compatibility.

Orbacus Notify is fully backwards compatible with the OMG Event Service.

Backwards Compatible
Provides a smooth migration path for your existing event service clients.

Backwards Compatible

Untyped Event Delivery

Maintain backwards compatibility.

To maintain backwards compatibility with event service clients, Orbacus Notify supports untyped event delivery.

SProvides structured event and sequence structured event delivery.
Supports the mapping of event header lifetime and priority property values through mapping filters.

Untyped Event Delivery

Single Method Invocation

Sequence structured events.

In this scheme, one or more structured events are batched together and transferred in a single method invocation.

Maintain full control of sequence composition.
Accumulate a random number of events before actual delivery.

Single Method Invocation


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Orbacus Notify

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