Orbix Mainframe


Essential development tools and capabilities

Apps are modeled on user behavior, anticipating code requirements for smooth streaming. Oribx Mainframe supports deployment of common services across mainframe, CORBA, J2EE, and Web services boundaries. It includes full SSL/TLS support and integration with the IONA Security Service – IS/2. It also enables developers to initiate two-phase commit transactions from IMS and CICS programs.

Integrates mainframe assets with other systems

Orbix Mainframe enables COBOL, PL/I, and C++ developers to expose mainframe applications as reusable services. It also gives middle-tier systems, J2EE, .Net, and mainframes peer-to-peer access to each other. It incorporates enterprise management features and integrates with the off-host IONA Administrator Console.

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Tue Aug 6 19:30:17 PDT 2019