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Enterprise CORBA technology for distribution at scale.


Orbix provides the world's most widely deployed enterprise CORBA solutions. Most of the world's phone calls are touched by Micro Focus's enterprise CORBA products. Three-quarters of the world's largest financial institutions have Micro Focus products in their most critical IT systems. Micro Focus' CORBA is embedded in telephone switches, online brokerage systems, multimedia news delivery, airline front desk systems, rail and road traffic control, large scale banking systems, credit card clearance, subway management, and CAD systems.

Orbix Products

Orbix 6

  • Orbix 6 is the world’s leading CORBA implementation, with over 20 years of successful deployments in many of the world’s largest companies. Available in Standard and Enterprise versions.
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Orbix 3

  • Orbix 3, the original CORBA implementation, has underpinned mission-critical applications for over two decades. As Orbix 3 is a Basic Object Adapter (BOA) based ORB, you can effortlessly develop and deploy as well as provide all necessary features and functionality expected in today’s competitive business landscape.
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Orbix Mainframe

  • Orbix Mainframe offers a set of mainframe-native application development and integration tools and services that make it easy to integrate mainframe systems with the rest of your organization.
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  • Extensible ESB designed around smart endpoints, removing the need for a centralized broker or hub. Couple with any CORBA deployment for seamless integration with disparate technologies.
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