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Orbix 3

Premier BOA-based CORBA solutions.


OpenText™ Orbix 3 is a modern premier CORBA BOA-based ORB for C++ and Java, with security, bidirectional GIOP, CORBA Naming Service, IPv4 and IPv6 features. Effortlessly develop and deploy interoperable distributed applications with minimal overhead.

Zero Administration Overhead

Turn-key CORBA runtime and development solution.

Deploy a fully functional enterprise Orbix 3 environment with minimal configuration required.

Zero Administration Overhead
Modernize BOA-based distributed CORBA applications with no code changes.
Zero Administration Overhead
Orbix daemon manages automatic activation and location discovery.

Zero Administration Overhead

On-the-Wire Interoperability

Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) support.

CORBA IIOP support enables interoperability with standards compliant ORB implementations.

Plain Orbix Protocol support enables interoperability with earlier releases.
Transparent switching between IIOP and Orbix protocol as required.

On-the-Wire Interoperability


Secure distributed CORBA applications.

OrbixSSL applications communicate using either IIOP or Orbix Protocol layered above SSL/TLS--ensuring authentication, confidentiality, and integrity.

Secure key distribution mechanism (KDM) service for auto-launched servers.
OrbixSSL includes support for the latest TLS protocols and cipher suites.


Additional Features

Naming Service with Load Balancing

CORBA compliant Naming Service with extensions for dynamic object replicas.

Bidirectional GIOP Support

Bidirectional GIOP offers a solution to traversing network firewalls/ NATs.

Advanced Runtime Features

Per-process or per-object filters, smart proxies, persistent object loaders.


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Orbix 3

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